Inception: Infinite Worlds of Dreams

One of the movies that fascinates your mind from the beginning to the end is, without a doubt, Inception.

In this movie, the director Christopher Nolan played with the idea of a group of people sharing the same dream, accessing, without other people’s consent, their unconscious mind.

This automatically triggers concerns regarding how this ability can be used for.

Most of the film’s plot happens in these interconnected worlds, which creates a framework where what happens in the dream (or actual worlds) have a ripple effect across others. The dream is always in a state of creation and shifts through the different levels as the characters go through them.


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Leonardo Di Caprio.

Leonardo Di Caprio, star of Inception!

Christopher Nolan has established himself as a director, which presents the audience with the movies that combine fascinating and skillfully elaborated storytelling with mesmerizing adventures of the characters – and all that accompanied by a breath-taking soundtrack.


Every single movie of this legendary director never fails to bring us something new and unforgettable.

Just two months after the opening, “Inception” made $658 034 171 and got a good deal of positive feedback, which I bet exceeded all expectations and hopes of film experts. At the time when Hollywood lacked originality and freshness, Nolan managed to give birth to a truly unique movie. For me personally, seeing Christopher Nolan’s name in such columns as “Director” and “Writer” means that I’m about to watch something exceptional and great. That’s why it wasn’t much of a surprise for me to see “Inception” receive worldwide recognition.

First and foremost, it is important to note that “Inception” is a very delicate movie which you have to watch uninterruptedly and follow every detail. It’s a movie in which you can clearly see the greatness in pretty much everything: impeccable performances and excellent cast (it’s all about Leonardo DiCaprio in today’s world, isn’t it?), delightful soundtrack, elegant and stylish costumes and scenery, exciting story line, spectacular action scenes… Nolan’s charm and his unique point of view can be felt in every tiny detail of the movie. It’s all in place, and it’s all just the way it is supposed to be: perfect.

“Inception” takes us deep into the world of dreams, in which a brilliant thief Cobb, played by the great Leonardo DiCaprio, commits corporate espionage by infiltrating the subconscious of his targets.


First half of the movie introduces the audience to the dreams themselves: their structure, details, secrets and the deadly dangers lurking within the improvised world of dreams. The movie requires one simple task from the audience – to follow every single detail closely, and by doing that you’ll be rewarded by becoming a part of the mysterious storytelling.

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Inception is a thriller that, like other heist movies revolves around a thief who plans and executes the theft; only here, he is not someone who steals material objects, but ideas.

Corporate honchos are robbed of classified information. He does this by secretly getting into people’s subconscious (read dreams). The movie, however, is not about another of these routine acts, but a totally novel one. The project he now accepts is not to steal an idea, but plant one. Hence, the name “Inception”. The plot is an extremely complex one but the less explored topic for a story keeps you focused. Besides, the concepts are being explained to you in the form of being introduced to Ariadne, a new recruit to the protagonist Dom Cobb’s team.

It may be common to feel perplexed at certain parts of the movie owing to its very nature but it is so fast paced that you are too occupied to even start complaining about it. Being a science fiction movie, a lot of thought and effort has been put into the making the scenes consistent with the ideas provided. At every level, you are told why things are happening the way they are; if people are shown floating about, the reasons are well clarified.

Director Christopher Nolan always assembles a great cast and this movie which he has directed, produced and written the script for, is no exception.

The same may be said of Hans Zimmer who has weaved his magic time and again.

The cinematography is spellboundingly brilliant and deserved every bit of that Oscar. What makes it all the more awesome is the visual effects. Contrary to what most viewers may believe, most of it uses practical effects as opposed to Computer graphics.

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Inception Director

Inception Director

Christopher Nolan

Christopher Nolan made his name with the breakout indie thriller Memento in 2002. Since then, he’s secured his place as Hollywood royalty with his gritty, no-holds-barred take on the Batman franchise with Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight rises. His flare for realism and winding plots that leave the audience breathless make him one of my all-time favorite directors. He’s never made a movie that wasn’t both critically and financially successful.


What I love the most about Christopher Nolan is his talent for creating stylish and intriguing dramas with fantasy and sci-fi elements that are unlike anything else produced today.

The Prestige, released in 2006 is a perfect example of his brand of auteur, as is the more recently-released the epic Interstellar.

In between those two was the Nolan film that I think best illustrates his genius – the mind-blowing Inception, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen Page and Marion Cotillard. Like many of his other movies, Inception was a box office hit, not just because of the super star cast but because of the unique premise and compelling storytelling. I’d never seen anything like it.

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Instant Inception? What about Instant superpower?

Instant Inception? What about Instant superpower?


So you have seen the film, saw Leonardo go deep within dream land and begin to plant thoughts and ideas to aid his client in gaining the upper hand. But if you could do that and i was to give you only one super power? What would that power be?

There are so many different super powers that come to mind when you are given the choice? But what would you choose?

Super power of walking through solid matter.

Able to walk through the walls? So being able to walk through any solid matter? Now that would be cool! Imagine not having to wait for anything and walking where ever you wanted. Walking through traffic, not having to wait at red lights and just walking through anything that comes your way.

If i was lucky enough to have that power it could benefit me in such a way that no bank would be safe! Not having to work and being able to get money whenever i wanted? I could have that power but i would soon be recognised so i am sure the law wouldn’t be too far behind!

So “walking through solid matter” superpower rating 4/10!

Next super power on the list would have invisibility.

Thats a power that a lot of people would love to have but for very different reasons. Some people get embarrassed really easily so when they find themselves in a sticky situation this could be a great power to have and just leave or you think they have left.. 😉

Just like the character out of Four Fantastic who changes to invisible mode when her emotional state heightens through any form of stress. Jessica Alba plays a great role!.. :)

Invisibility super power would be the one to have, if your looking for a power that could get you to places without being noticed or seen then this is one for you!

“Invisibility” superpower rating 6/10!

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

The my fav super power is the power of Knowledge!

Thats right knowledge would be the final super power that would be amazing! Imagine that! Having the power of true unlimited knowledge. Having that super power that you would be to recall any info you ever wanted. You could recall any figure, date or piece of info that would make you seem like a super human.

Imagine knowing the future lottery numbers or you would know which direction the stock market? Imagine the financial gain that would be able to leverage? Your mind works over time!

“Unlimited Knowledge” superpower rating 10/10!

Hope you enjoyed this Super Power post, there is more to come!.. :)


What did you think of the film Inception?

So what did you think about the film ‘Inception’?

It truly was a mind bending film that actually made me think really hard about what the human brain can actually come up with. If you haven’t seen it yet, check this short trailer and then have a quick read!

Leonardo Di Caprio plays a great lead role, as he starts to set the whole story in the mind of the viewer. Imagine if this film was to be true and people can actually manipulate the technology and go through into our dreams and start to place thoughts that actually make us believe and set events to happen.

This concept is truly mind blowing!

Imagine lying in bed in a calm serene state of rest and all the while there is someone that is gone deep into your subconscious and plants a idea to manipulate you while your awake.

Its quite a scary concept if you think about it. I would hate to think that someone was in my brain planting things and trying to control me. The fact of losing control is probably the biggest fear of most people. Thats why people don’t like to fly, when people fly they are at someone else’s control in a sense if you will. You are giving control of your life to someone else, and that tends to be the biggest fear when it comes to flying.

Sorry for going off on a tangent but i thought that little nugget of info would be helpful to all the people that hate flying and that includes me.. 😉

But on a serious note there is a the loss of control is truly terrifying and i think how the film is set it really begs to ask the questions about industrial espionage. You always hear of big business doing anything to safe guard their secrets and when they don’t have anything to hide they are most of time trying to find out secrets from their competitors.

Don’t get me wrong i am not against getting a unfair advantage over my competitors but i do draw the line when it starts to become a matter of life and death. Stealing talent to help you get one step ahead is okay but nothing more if you ask me.

The fact the film is set on a subject that is being called into question by the wider public. It does beg to ask “Is big business looking out for the public or for their own self preservation:”

I personally believe that we all need to look out for our own as big corporate giants don’t care and just want to fill their own coffers with as much wealth as possible. I mean you see them driving around in their big cars and limos. I don’t hate them for that but to actually share the profits with your customers would make you more liked then despised.

Limo rides for the elite isn’t something that these fat cats should enjoy alone. You can book your own ride no matter what the occasion or celebration. I mean if Mr Dan Cobb was to succeed in his mission without any issues, don’t you think he would celebrate with a limo hire for himself and his friends?

A limo hire London ride would be a sight to see. I wonder if he did arrive by limo in London for his premier night opening in Leicester Square?

Hey there… Welcome to Instant Inception

Hi and welcome to my site about Instant Inception. This site is inspired by the film but they are my thoughts about life, the future and what instant gratification us humans love to experience! Enjoy!.. :)